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karlosito 04-20-2007 07:18 AM

Re: MUST READ: List of SCAMMERS and potential FRAUDS
Time to change or add some new rules maybe!
Too may scammers here!
I hope admins and moderators will think about it.
But now with this additional rule the scammers will run away.
It's not my idea. (from another forum)


All post which do not conform to the following rules will be deleted.

PM mod for permission to make your first offer to exchange.

1. Must be a member for 90 days and made 50 relevent post in the forum. Relevancy will be in the soul judgement of the Moderators.

2. If you are using a tunneler, you will not be permitted to post here.
IP's will be checked.

3. No hidden offers though PMs. All exchange offers must begin on the forum. Members making offers though PMs should be reported and will be banned.

4. Private information should not be posted on the open forum. Real names, email addresses, etc.

The Exchange

1. Make speedy exchange. (Within 2/3 days)
2. If, there is a problem post problem and how you plan to resolve the problem.
3. Post all replies in your thread.
4. Post details when exchange is complete.

talkgold forum is NOT responsible, if you lose money.

Exchange at your own risk.

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