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Postby BigRater » 10 Oct 2017, 19:55

During for last 5 years the MADISON ALLIANCE team faultlessly performs own mission of distribution of realtor services in granting for long-term rent of the elite real estate of hotel purpose. The Alliance specializes in granting for lease of boutique hotels. That, in our opinion, is the most demanded direction of realtor distribution today. People want not just comfort. When they have a rest, they want creative comfort and are ready to pay money for this. And boutique hotels in the maximal possible degree conform to requirements of comfort and creativity. Therefore such real estate is always in demand and where there is a demand is always accurately looked and the high liquidity too, directly influencing growth of the price of such real estate objects. And, as a result, investing in such objects is very perspective and profitable business. For this reason MADISON ALLIANCE chose the strategy of designing of boutique hotels worldwide, redeeming real estate objects in the most attractive and commercially liquid regions of the world. Such strategy led to obtaining the status of the serious and reliable partner by Alliance in the real estate market, having got itself positive business reputation both among experts of the real estate market, and among large investors from around the world with whom in the majority the Alliance cooperated for the last five years. And only quite recently has been became possible the providing purchasing of stakes of objects of the elite commercial real estate to individual investors. We could create the investing structure which is capable to consolidate effectively funds both large players in the real estate market, and individual investors, in equivalent stakes sharing the profit earned on rent of these objects. Relying on the engineering and design potential of our employees, widely using services of profile architects, image designers and applying the last achievements in the branch of realtor distribution, MADISON ALLIANCE confidently stread forward for planned many years ago the strategic way of an Alliance development, effectively creating conditions for productive and profitable cooperation. We see our mission as interactive global community of investors from around the world, in association by own successful commercial and public activity of people by the ideas of an online investing and active life position ?make yourself?. And we in the opened and in the available form are provide the powerful commercial tools for implementation of these ideas in real life of each investor. Investing money in real objects of the elite commercial real estate in the USA, France, Georgia, you not just become the joint owner of this real estate. You buy confidence and comfortable placement of money, preserving them against inflation and having access with guarantee to equivalent profit on rent worldwide, which performing by the best expert in the branch of realtor distribution - the MADISON ALLIANCE.
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