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Postby BigRater » 05 Dec 2017, 19:32

ShineBit is global investment company focused on the activity of Bitcoin mining and crypto currency trading. Complex market world is daily concern for any everyone in today?s era. To over come this situation, ShineBit brought together a coherent team of true professionals including traders and analyst carrying more than 5 years hands-on experience in coin trade market and are well versed on multiplying investment opportunities. Using modern methods and strategic capacity, ShineBit offer unique & ambitious investment model to people who wants to use Bitcoin as reliable and stable source of income.

We provide our services to any one in all parts of the world with equal opportunities and conditions. Any entrepreneurs, corporations and other individuals with no business experience can participate in company?s program and earn profits on an ongoing basis. Our modern mining equipment, and hands on trading experience minimizes the risk of your financial loses and guarantees a stable accrued income every day.
Our Mission

The priority of ShineBit is achieving the highest returns from the activities of Bitcoin mining and crypto currency trading. The main objective of ShineBit is to manage investment fund and to ensure high returns in the long run. Our mission is to inspire the whole community running the financial flows, creating the right place to invest making once lifetime opportunity for fortune, in addition to growing online investor trust and for the benefit of our company and our investor. The profit size depends on the investment packages you choose and amount you deposit.

Bitcoin Investment is relationship-driven, process-operated company. ShineBit envision in becoming leading investment company, which provides innovations solutions to meet the need of our investors. ShineBit establish sustainable and profitable investment platform with aim to provide friendly and high quality customer service. ShineBit adopt secure, stable and reliable methods to ensure good returns to all the investments. Beyond expectations is our driving force. Because our mission is to build fast, efficient, profitable companies, our structure reflect those values.
ShineBit Certificate of Incorporation

Company Number : 10937721

ShineBit is an officially registered company based in United Kingdom with registration number 10937721. ShineBit is a global investment platform, Presently ShineBit handles operations and management involved in Bitcoin mining and crypto currency trading which is most promising area of business investments.
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