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Globe Hash Limited -

Postby BigRater » 05 Dec 2017, 19:32

"Globe Hash Limited" (Company number: 11055754) is a registered company in the United Kingdom. Our capital was 7500 Pound when we created this company, now total capital is about 100,000 Pounds just in few days.

How we earn money and how are we going to pay you dividends? "Globe Hash Limited" has few directions. Trading on CryptoCurrency Markets and Mining.

On the CryptoCurrency Markets we are pumping different cryptocurrencies (It happens once in week). ROI is not less 200% on each pump.

We also use Crypto BOTs on cryptocurrency markets and they automaticly buy and sell different currencys 24/7. Average profit from BOT trading is 0.83% hourly.

We also started building mining farms in few offshore zones and they will be ready for about December 15-20.

So now if you have question "If this company makes such money in few days why they need our investition" here is your answer. We know how to make money on cryptocurrency but our capital is not big for this job. We can earn more money if we had much more capital. Let us put little example. We made about 85 000 Punds profit from 7 500 so imagine how we could made if we had 75 000 Pounds.
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