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Postby BigRater » 08 Jun 2018, 19:53


We represent the interests of investors in the ICO systems.
Which means: there are hundreds, if not thousands of ICO projects out there, and an average user always has one question: ?What is real in it?..?
We are sure that most people who want to enter this field of online earnings have little idea about what it is and how to distinguish really worthwhile projects from "bubbles".
You have to agree that there are a priori no people wanting to end up with nothing, risking their hard-earned money, which means that there are two ways: first means you study gigabytes of data, plunge into the routine study and comparison of strategies, general aspects of work routine, nuances of the organization of each project, read through the White Paper, the Roadmap... a month later you understand that there are more questions than answers, and the industry is a few steps ahead of you.
The second way means that you find a broker, trusting them your own funds, in the hope of their decency and foresight in the field they claim to be a professional. Drawbacks are that you are distracted from the process, a human factor of mediation, a little informational flow in your direction, i.e. a lottery.

Let?s summarize: you can find a brief set of rules of conduct on the ICO market in our section "Library".
We hope that this manual will contribute to your development and caution.

So, what do we offer you?
Its easy ? we track at least the top 30 ICO projects from around the world, buying a pool of tokens at the starting, so-called "Pre-ICO" stage, i.e. a private pre-sale to raise funds for the project development.

How do we choose? The answer is simple: experience of more than a year in this field, both positive and negative, has allowed us to develop our own behavioral model + software for primary analytics of the project, its technical part, personnel and marketing, up to native technologies, which allows to "parse" and discard all the "garbage" in an automatic mode, followed by the work of a specialist, assessment of the model and its viability.

What we want from you and are able to offer:
Some development strategy for this project:

1) Launch of the website, so far quite simple and friendly, resembling everyones favorite "HYIPs", with tariff plans that allow us to get money to operate in the market and allow you to get dividends from our activities.
We would like to note that marketing is quite friendly for the project and for us, creating no load.

2) The ICO project ranking sections follow, where we participated both by our and your funds, with the full compilation of statistics for the development of each individual fork and an approximate forecast for its growth/fall.
Here you can visually study the ongoing process of extracting profit and try to create your own strategies.

3) We completely change the design, creating a convenient platform for tracking the market, a completely new usability of the personal account, which allows to promptly purchase the forks represented in our statistic from the existing deposit, thus obtaining the second portfolio, in addition to the funds invested under the "HYIP" model, involving a partner organization that deals with insuring portfolios of investors in our project (approximate necessary "lifetime" for a "trust" in this insurance company starts from 60 days).
We review partnerships with users, depending on the size of their portfolio or the attracted structure, making more profitable offers and documenting them.

4) After analyzing the work done, raised funds and investors, we decide to scale the project with its full translation to the rank of "Monitoring with brokerage services". Of course, the terms of cooperation with newly arrived customers change (all customers that already joined remain with the old tariffs and individually agreed plans).

The rest you will see for yourself, so far we leave the information labeled as ?commercial secret? to avoid handing over our developments and ways to implement them to competitors, especially those who steal the idea and scam ordinary users at the start of the project, which we are strenuously fighting against!
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