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On Enterprise

The Singapore Asian overseas Chinese block chain company was founded in 2012. It is a company based in Singapore and mainly engaged in network technology. It includes network information, technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technical service, business consulting, business management, marketing and marketing in the field of network information and computer network technology. Planning, real estate brokers, business marketing planning, conference services, exhibition and display services.
Singaporean overseas Chinese

The Asian block chain is a network technology company based in Singapore. As the first developer of the block chain industry, the Asian block chain is intended to integrate the resources of the block chain industry and accelerate the excellent projects to fall to the ground.
Enterprise vision

To become the first choice of partners in the block chain industry, what we are doing is more than we promise.
Enterprise mission

Understand customer needs and provide technical solutions to create maximum value for customers and create sustainable business value.
Our commitment

In the course of nearly 30 years of development, we uphold the concept of greater results than commitment, and expand our business in various industries and put innovation in the first place. Our excellence stems from our customers trust and our responsibility to our customers.
Main management

Founder / group president

Chu Chao Tong(Asche Khoo Chok Tong)

He graduated from National University of Singapore, received a doctorate in science and engineering from National University of Singapore and a doctorate in computer science from Melbourne University. Mr. Qiu, through his unswerving belief, led the company to move forward better.

In the traditional business world, trust is the biggest cost of synergies and business operations, including the financial sector at the top of the food chain. The block chain is a natural "trust halo", and the area chain technology is widely accepted by the whole world as the famous article on the Economist - "block chain: the machine of trust". The essence of block chain is a kind of internet protocol and technology collection about trust (Trust).
Most business organizations have three data types:

1)To disclose data, for example, the data information disclosed by the enterprise on the official website;

2)Private data, such as product R & D documents of enterprises, financial reports of unlisted companies;

3)Shared data with privileges usually exist between different partners, such as the identification of the same goods or goods, the state of logistics, the payment information involved in multi party cooperation, and the historical data records of the goods needed by the after-sales service.

With the good development of mobile payment and digital currency in the country as well as the global payment development of the global digital currency in the future, with its cutting edge technology as the breakthrough point, REG is assisted by many innovative modes such as Internet +, public financing, cultural and financial, asset price and so on. The value of the virtual digital currency, the application of block chain technology to construct a self - circulate, but also can expand the trust of a distributed business ecological environment.

The development of any new technology is bound to undergo several important stages, and block chain technology is no exception. Although the development of the block chain technology itself, there is still a long way to go, there are many improvements and perfect space, but in the case of the present situation, we have developed the design of the commercial ecological environment and the support of related technology to it. We want to understand that our investors, partners and communities can be built together to build this ecosystem.
REG digital asset bright spot

1)REG digital asset partners are numerous and powerful. The parent company TSON technology is an international trading company based in Ireland, with more than 100 million global partners over 10 partners.

2)REG has more than 200 thousand registered users, which are distributed in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, India and the Middle East.

3)Overseas Asian team in Singapore has accumulated more than five years of technology in the area of block chains, and operated three products with over 100 million customers worldwide.

4)The Irish Funds announced that the concept of block chain monitoring reports developed in collaboration with Deloitte had been successfully completed. The test is called the RegChain, which includes leading global asset services and fund managers, such as Deutsche Bank, Metzler bank, North trust, and State Street.

In the past five years, REG team has accumulated a lot of experience in all walks of life, including many applications developed in cooperation with well-known global enterprises.

The spread of counterfeit goods has led to the loss of about 363000 jobs in European fashion industry, manufacturing and retailing each year. REGs application in this field is concerned with production management, channel management, anti-counterfeiting traceability and consumer connections. Starting from the source to control the "authorized product".

At the same time, REG links the logistics information of distributors and retail channels to achieve the management of sales channels. At the consumer side, the digital ownership provided by REG helps brands and customers to build a bridge with the product as the medium, and transmit the data to CRM and after service. It can establish customized personalized service, after-sales service, customer care, and even pay attention to the trend of the second-hand trading market. While doing this, the anonymous privacy protection feature perfectly complies with the latest EU GDPR security bill.

Food safety is directly related to peoples health, in todays increasing health costs, both producers and consumers are concerned about food safety.

But the traditional food safety mainly depends on the process control and the enterprisers responsibility, so it is difficult to ensure the safety of food by automatic means.

The block chain technology can bring a safe and reliable solution to the food industry. REG provides standardized information on the chain function, so that participants in accordance with their own rights to upload information eventually form a complete chain.

REG can help enterprises and financial institutions reconstruct their credit system and establish more efficient supply chain finance. With the endorsement of the core enterprises, the chain platform of warehousing, logistics, digital bills and enterprise credit information blocks is established through REG.

It can realize goods, warehousing, logistics and accounts receivable witnessed by the upstream and downstream enterprises and financial institutions in the supply chain. The issuance, confirmation, circulation, dismantling, and acceptance of the digital bill are triggered by the contract of the supply chain. The triggering conditions can be based on the changes in the data state in the warehouse, the logistics block chain, and the core enterprise database. The trigger rules are written in accordance with the parties contract, and the rules are complied with or violated. It will be recorded to the chain of credit reference blocks and cannot be tampered with.

REG uses BaaS, smart sandbox and other technical advantages to achieve rapid deployment of enterprises. By bifurcating quickly and inexpensively to establish unused block chain network, using VEP to establish a connection protocol, through the integration of data to achieve event-driven. All participants can verify the authenticity of the data, so as to ensure the smooth transfer of funds in the supply chain, improve the efficiency of cooperation.
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