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Venox -

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2019, 19:37
by BigRater

The investment activity of Venox LTD includes the organization of assets for automated trading on the stock exchange with the help of our development of our own consultants traders. We offer a unique opportunity for our partner to receive a high income. Our goal is business development. Comprehensive investment activity is an instrument of financial prosperity of our clients.

This is not only working with investors capital, but also using their own margin fund to open compensation orders when the market falls, and also to pay interest to the investor in accordance with the planned plans for any market fluctuations. We calculated the percentage of the insurance margin fund. Our margin fund captivates investors and markets, which offsets all revenues and provides only net income. For us, this is a guarantee of risk reduction when working with the market. Fully mutually beneficial relationship.
Our advantages:
- Own development of traders
- Instant payments
- Reliable hosting
- Personal data protection
- Own margin Fund
- Affiliate program
- Operational support