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Postby BigRater » 26 Mar 2020, 19:13

Bob has 1 BTC. Bob uses exchange account to store his bitcoins.

He feels that rate is going down so he sells his BTC in courage.

Bob is frustrated and therefore he buys BTC again, but with highter price :(
But instead

of holding 1 BTC at the exchange account he placed it ToTheMoons.

He sees chart fluctation, but he can’t withdraw his coins yet. Also he knows that his coins are not just laying around here, every coin is gaining 1% interest daily.

Bob’s deposit was unclocked. Bob is happy. He saved his BTC and added some extra profit.
Meet Alice

Alice has 10 ETH.
She do not like valotility of ETH and she sells them.

A few moments later she sees that ETH is now cheaper and decide to buy 10 ETH again.

ETH price falls down more and more. Alice decides to sell her ETH even cheaper because she is afraid of bigger losses :(
But instead

of selling 10 ETH she puts them
ToTheMoons as USD.

She does not worry about rates charts, prices and so on for the term of the deposit.

She gets her USD deposit with interest converted to ETH by the current ETH/USD rate. She is pretty happy so she even contines holding ETH at ToTheMoons!
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