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Our Team

Due to the best traditions of the Crypto industry ? our office is decentralized. We do not have any specific office. Each our employee is free to travel and work where he wants. So some of our leading developers have been living near the ocean for a long time. Twice a year our team gather together. This meeting is always full of fun and relax. When you become our partner, you can get to the next congress already this year!

Our Summer Congress

What is Blockchain?

The Principle of the blockchain work is very simple. It can be imagined as a registry book, which is available for every participant of the event and updated constantly. This book can basically include every event ? from financial transactions with cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Etherum and etc to the results of the voting records of the presidential election or identification data.

The essence of Blockchain is that the pages (block) of this book are stored for all users of the network at the same time, updated constantly and the new pages refer to old. If somebody tries to cheat the system, removing or adding a page to the book, the system will immediately refer to 10 or 100 thousands of other versions of this book and discover the non-conformity in the structure of blocks.
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