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Postby BigRater » 25 Jun 2019, 19:32

SPORTS EVOLUTION LTD was registered in the UK on June 30, 2014, registration number 09106779. For several years, Sports Evolution has specialized in the market of sports betting, by means of arbitration situations between bookmakers. The long-term work of the companys sports traders has shown the success and profitability of this strategy, which allows Sports Evolution to get a steady profit on a long-term basis.

In 2019, a decision was made to launch the online platform, through which the company plans to attract funds from private investors. After 3 years of successful autonomous work, the company carries out the next stage of development, which will increase the investment fund, thereby bringing mutually beneficial profits, both to the company and its investors.

Sports Evolution does not exercise other types of sports betting, except for arbitrage situations (betting forks), does not reinvest or hold money in other investment funds, does not engage in any other activity, except sports arbitration. The company distributes more than 85% of daily profits among its investors, for the period of investors turnover in the system.

The platform, makes it possible to independently make a profit from sports arbitration, using the data on the betting forks that each partner of our company receives in his personal account after registration. Or he can transfer his funds to professional sports traders and receive a daily profit on the amount invested.

To date, our current weekly turnover is more than 200,000 US dollars, the net daily profit is from 5 to 20% of the funds being wrapped. The team consists of two senior experts, six constantly trading specialists and remotely working traders, whose number will increase with the growth of the companys investment fund.

In our work we use various publicly available tools, such as scanners of betting forks (,,, and others), and scanners closed for general use, we often use them for working with pre-match forks. We also use our own software development, including various automation tools that allow you to set bets automatically.

We are proud of our independently developed strategy, which allows our specialists to work with live forks without any scanners. This method increases the limits of rates tenfold, the speed of work increases, profitability grows, and most importantly, we avoid all the shortcomings that prevent many traders involved in sports arbitration from working (not large rate limits, cutting limits, blocking accounts, etc.)

We have created a team of experts, which opens up huge opportunities for the growth of the company and the well-being of our investors. We have unique practices that allow us to ensure an adequate level of profit for our partners, and the strategy of sports arbitration that we use in our work gives guaranteed profit without the risk of losing investors funds.
How it works
Sports arbitrage trade, arbitrage situation, betting forks strategy, what is it?
This is a betting strategy in which a player puts on one event in different bookmaker offices, but on mutually exclusive outcomes, and the coefficients on these outcomes are such that the player is guaranteed to make a profit in any scenario. That is, no matter how the teams play, you get guaranteed profit, this is the only win-win betting strategy that exists today.

Where do the forks come from?
This is the usual competition of bookmakers, the higher the coefficient at the bookmaker, compared to other BC on the event - the more customers. Or it may be different opinions. Each bookmaker has its own experts, who form the initial odds and look at the same event may differ, etc.

This type of sports betting has existed since the beginning of the appearance of the first bookmakers and rightfully established itself as a safe way to make money. Bookmakers forks, its as natural as sports betting. With the advent of Internet technologies, this type of earnings has acquired completely different scales and opportunities that our company uses 100%.

This strategy is available to everyone, but it can be quite difficult for an unprepared person. If it is used by a professional, this way of earning can produce stunning results.

How does this work?
Suppose we are betting $ 1000. This arbitration situation will bring 9% of the invested amount.
In the first bookmakers office, we bet on team A, that there will be more than two balls in the match (Total Over 2.5) a factor of 1.9 - $ 558
In the second bookmakers office, we bet on team B, that there will be less than two balls in the match (Total Under 2.5) a factor of 2.4 - $ 442
Now, no matter how the teams play, in any case we will get a guaranteed winnings of $ 1060, the net profit will be $ 60, which is 6% of the set amount. Such rates can make a profit very quickly, within an hour, thirty minutes, or even within a minute.
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