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Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
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Many Internet users have heard numerous stories that there is no honest business in the web and only inexperienced investors believe offers promising increase of their capitals via Internet. There are obvious reasons for such an opinion: the rumors are spread by people who don't know what they are talking about. Actually many ordinary people who don't bother of getting to know the detail of high yield investing in Internet are caught by fraudsters, lose their savings and begin to mistrust all forms of e-commerce.

It is very hard to independently study all aspects of high yield investing. To act by guess trusting only your intuition is not the best thing to do for the prospective investor. There are a lot of dishonest dealers and fraudsters ready to commit a crime in order to increase their incomes. But it does not only relevant to e-business but in real life there are enough dealers like that as well. One cannot state that all electronic investment projects that promise high incomes are false or are some kind of pyramids. It is untrue as well as the statement that all banks and joint stock companies are created with a view to steal money from investors.

There are offenders in different business spheres. However, the fact that they exist is not the reason to put this economic phenomenon into a black list. Actually some high yield investment programs' members lose their money; however, many increase them in five, ten, twenty and more times. And it is not due to some coincidence or luck. There is number of rules and peculiarities by studying which the investor guarantees at least his/her loss-free participation in programs like this. Before you invest into high-yield project, you should carefully study all materials there are. Many people have made a fortune by participating in HYIP. Over many years of their successful participation in this sphere of business they have studied in detail all secrets and peculiarities for successful investing. Surely, such information is not secret and every prospective investor has a chance to study it.

This brochure contains information about high yield income programs that was collected by program members over the years of their participation. Experienced managers, known bankers and major businessman descent participation in programs like that. But in the contrast to ordinary people they try first of all study of aspects of the activity, learn and understand the details. This brochure is a result of serious research work, the result of symbiosis of theory and practice.

Once you read the brochure you'll realize how to chose HYIP, how to effectively invest money into it, how to keep your capitals safe and how to distinguish offenders from honest businessmen.

General Information

Internet Investing

There are many options for capital investing. You may put it into a bank, buy stock of some well-known company or buy a piece of art or real estate. However, many potential private investors do not have enough money to make an effective investment: real estate, art and stock of leading corporations are not very easy to afford. Bank interests from moderate sums will be ridiculous.

What shall the private investor do? He/she is isolated from 'the big game', and small investments do not promise anything but a headache and time waste. Here come HYIP (High Yield Income Programs) to help the prospective investor. Using special Internet services you invest a certain sum of money (entrance limit are very low as a rule) then during the determined term you get an interest from your investment. The interest is paid every day or every week, or monthly. The rates vary from 0.3% up to 3% per day. The investor gets back his/her investment very quickly and then he/she starts getting the pure profit.

Are HYIP profitable? Yes, sure. The private investor has almost no possibility to effectively invest small amount of money and regularly get some good profit out of it. A private person not having enough financial means, reputation, serious business partners, working schemes and contacts is almost completely isolated from serious investment activity and the 'big game' on the stock exchange. By taking part in HYIP the private investor gets a kind of an agent who has the knowledge and possibilities the investor lacks and who makes the investment instead of the private investor. Is HYIP participation risky? Yes, of course. As any other investment activity the High Yield Income Programs are risky venture. No one will ever guarantee that the money put by HYIP organizers into some project will actually bring the maximum profit. However, the qualified specialists developing the high-yield schemes always reinsure themselves. The part of the means is spent on financial instruments of maximum security that guarantees the investors some minimal safety of their investments.


At first we should explain what HYIP is. High yield income programs are not just a network phenomenon. This term refers to any investment bringing income more than the deposit account with the standard rates of 4-5% per year.

There are many off-line HYIP, they are all managed by registered companies and bring stable high income. However, the entrance limit, the minimal investment to participate in the project, as a rule, makes up the sum starting 500000$ and up to tenth millions. Surely, the private investor not having big savings is isolated from participation in the off-line high yield programs.

For ordinary people the only way out is on-line HYIP. On the contrast to off-line programs network high yield income programs, as a rule, are minimally transparent. Often the participants do not know anything about their organizers and do not know the company's legal address. The main income sources for off-line HYIP are the stock market games, real estate trade and FOREX investments. On-line HYIP rarely give true information about its commercial activity that is why the income sources may be very different; it is often impossible to check the information. Often the information is secret not to hide it from the clients but with a view to keep the know-how confidential. The competition at the HYIP market is rather high that is why the company that is able to offer the most rational way of managing the invested assets has more chances to succeed.

A technology for making profits of our company is very close to the methods used by the most successful off-line HYIP. The part of money is invested into highly reliable financial instruments by that we insure our investors from any losses. Other parts are spent on risky securities through which we create the profits.

In accordance with the interest payment periods all on-line HYIP (further we will call them HYIP) may be divide to every-day, every-week and monthly ones. Every day HYIP make payments of 1-7% per day; every-week - 7-50% per week, and monthly - 20- 200% per month.

The HYIP's work principle is very simple. You register in the system and open an account in the international electronic settlements system and invest some money into the project. The very next day as soon as the invested money starts bringing profit, the mentioned payments will go to your account.

Summarizing the abovementioned we have the following scheme: program leaders collect money from the private investors who do not have enough money to participate in off-line high yield income projects. Then, using their working schemes they profitably invest it and then share the part of profits with the investors. Actually HYIP is one of the most profitable forms of mutual cooperation for investors. Thanks to accumulating the assets the money that was earlier isolated from any serious economic processes make profits.

The developed schemes enable the HYIP participants to receive the maximally high incomes the private investors cannot reach by any other ways.


How to avoid a fraud? This problem concerns almost all participants of high yield projects. As the HYIP specifics provides no transparency of economic transactions dishonest dealers organize false projects and make them seem real investment programs and then after they collect money from the clients suddenly stop their activity.

One of the most popular forms of deceit is Ponzi. Ponzi is a classic financial pyramid where the profit is created not due to the effective economic activity but by attracting investments of new project participants. Similar projects are like a snake eating its own tail. Up to some moment it looks stable as the payments are provided with real money invested into the program by new members. However, the impression is false. At some point there comes the stagnation and new members stop joining the project and the pyramid breaks down. However, sometimes the founders do not wait till this phase and get lost with all money they have accumulated. As a rule, clients learn it when they stop getting regular interests on their accounts. How one can distinguish Ponzi from the real HYIP? There are several signs indirectly indicating the project may be fraudulent. First of all, it is great every-day payments. If you are offered to be paid 40% per day think how the founders are going to provide such profitability. Secondly, it is very big partnership payments. Serious high-yield projects are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation; however, their main goal is to bring profit from effective investing. That is why if you are offered more than 10% for the referrals you ought to think whether the clients are the only source of incomes. And, finally, it is a carelessly designed web-site and the content stolen from other resources. Organizers of Ponzi projects know in advance that the program will get closed in some time that is why they do not pay any attention to creating a functional design and information content.

One more popular fraud forms is the so-called 'Golden Games'. They are a kind of miniature Ponzi introduced just for a few days or weeks. The only difference from Ponzi projects is that they initially are positioned as financial pyramids. Users invest money and then, if they manage timely to leave the program they have some profit. If they don't, they'll lose all money invested. There are several versions of the Golden Games but they all end up as 'who-will-be-on-time' game. Surely, programs like this do not have any relation to serious HYIP projects.

Some people eagerly participate in the Golden Games and Ponzi projects. Of course, such projects may quickly bring rather big profits however you should not forget how quickly they can make you lose everything. Moreover, not always the skill to make a decision quickly and calculate the time when you enter and leave the program right can help you in programs like these. Often organizer's friends and acquaintances participate in such projects as stool pigeons; surely, only they will get the profit because they have all the information from the inside. The risk level when you participate in such programs is many times higher than in serious HYIP, and the income probability is many times less.

If you reasonably decide to check your chances in Ponzi, remember even if you are lucky, your profit will be created at the expense of other people. Do not forget that the financial pyramids are illegal and their creators get a sever punishment from the law-enforcement.

In case if you select an interesting HYIP project and fear it is a pyramid, carefully study the terms stipulated by the program leaders. Analyze the offer, consider the mentioned numbers with other 'suspicious' features indicated earlier. Start making serious investments only when you make sure that the project is safe: at first invest little. Only then, when you are sure your interests regularly get to your account, invest the rest.

Payment Systems

Today electronic money of different payment systems became one of the generally recognized means of making on-line payments. Electronic money of E-gold, EvoCash, E-bullion, INTGold, NetPay, GoldMoney, StormPay, Pecunix payment systems may be considered the official currency of the virtual world. Every day major transactions are carried out, the real estate, pieces of art, cars and securities are bought using the electronic money. Electronic payment means are absolutely irreplaceable for such network forms of business such as buying web-hosting or gambling in on-line casino. Dealing with cash money, checks or transfers would make the life of the World Wide Web users more difficult. Electronic money was designed especially for Web-users; it enables them to conclude a transaction or make a purchase in just few seconds. Here we will tell you more about the major popular payment systems.


The system was created in 1996. It's every-day turnover exceeds 1.5 million dollars. E-Gold is managed by Gold&Silver Reserve.

Money of E-gold payment systems are corresponded into precious metals that means the users' accounts are not bond with any national currency, that significantly simplifies the international settlements. Accounts opened in E-gold are absolutely anonymous and maximally safe.

Opening an E-gold account you actually invest in precious metals. Precious metals unlike the national currencies are very stable; during the financial crises silver, gold, platinum and palladium do not lose their cost but, in contrast, they increase their value. E-gold keeps its clients' assets in the form of real gold in basic world's reserves (in London, Zurich, Dubai); it is secured by the guarantees of US and Swiss banks and are under patronage of the leading world bank - JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York.

E-gold system users are given a full scope of means for account replenishment: wire transfer, credit cards, cash deposit, WU, American Express, etc E-gold is the easiest and the most effective system of international electronic settlements. It is optimal for participation in high yield income programs as it makes it possible to get the earned money instantly.

If you do not yet have E-gold account, you may do it for free using the following link


The system was developed in 2001. In spite of its relevant young age it is a worthy alternative for E-Gold. The company has its offices in the USA and Europe, although it is under the jurisdiction of the Dominica. The main attention in the system is given to maximally safety and security. Deposits and transfers carried out through EvoCash are well-protected from all attempts of unauthorized access.

Money of the mentioned system is Evo. One Evo equals to one US dollar, however the currency rate does not depend of the dollar exchange rate fluctuations. Money transfers from one EvoCash account to another are not subject to any commission fees.

EvoCash users are given two ways to replenish their accounts: direct credit card transfer or from a bank account, or using other electronic payment system. The only serious disadvantage of the system is a rather long term for incoming money on the account. Unlike other systems where the money are put instantly or with some minimal delay, the EvoCash payment system may take two hours up to 24 hours for the procedure.

To open a new account in EvoCash you may visit system's web-site -


E-Bullion electronic payments system is registered in Panama; however it has a number of offices worldwide. As well as E-Gold all money in the system are gold, platinum and silver guarantee.

There are several means to replenish your account in the E-Bullion system including through E-Gold payment system.

The payment for the account maintenance is rather moderate that is why many users choose E-Bullion. A commission fee of 25 cents is taken for money transfer from one account to another.

You can open an account in E-Bullion electronic payment system on the following web-site:


INTGold electronic payments system was created in 2002. The company is registered in Texas and its all offices are as well located on the territory of the United States of America.

All savings stored on the INTGold accounts are gold and silver guaranteed. There is no payment taken for the account maintenance. All transactions are performed on a real-time basis, the users don't have to waist time waiting for the transaction to complete.

To put money on the account you can use a direct transfer from E-Gold, using Western Union and Direct Cash Deposit, credit card or wire transfer.

INTGold pays interests for the referral transactions and offers the users the possibility to participate in a partnership program connected with selling debit card: for every sale the partner gets a premium bonus of 5 dollars.

You can register a new account in the INTGold electronic payment systems on a website:


NetPay appeared in the beginning of 2001 and since then it became one of the most secure and serious electronic payments systems. It is registered in Panama and has a great number of clients.

All money located on NetPay accounts are gold guaranteed. Money is put on the NetPay accounts real-time.

The company closely cooperates with other electronic payments systems including EGold. Accounts are fee and no additional payments for account maintenance are taken. Money can be introduced into the system by wire transfer or it can be transferred from a different payment system. The commission payments are 1% of the sum. NetPay pays 15$ for every referral who has order a debit card.

You can register the NetPay account on


GoldMoney system was created in 2001. As you can see from its name the money on the accounts are gold guaranteed. The gold reserve itself is stored in London. 1% of the sum is taken from every money transfer within the system. Every month a maintenance payment of 0.01 grams of gold is taken from the user's account.

As a whole the system is rather effective and safe. Thousands of clients worldwide prefer keeping their money on GoldMoney accounts.

You can register in the GoldMoney system on the company's web-site


StormPay system appeared in 2002 and very quickly took leading positions in the world of electronic payment system.

Transfers are made through e-mail, that means that you need only to mention recipient's e-mail address to make a transaction. The system offers a six-level referral system, 2.5% per level.

Commission charges from every transaction make up 2.9% of the transferred sum plus 39 cents. The minimal transfer sum is one dollar.

The registration is very simple and does not require any special personal identification. You can create an account on


Pecunix is one of the safest electronic payment systems. To protect the clients' accounts it uses special PGP protection keys. Electronic money in this system is bond with all major world currencies.

A fine of 5 grams of gold is taken from the users who lose their registration information.

The system has rather complex and difficult payment rules you can get to know in detail on the company's web-page.

You can register in the Precunix system and lean the details for making transactions on the company's official web-site -

Security in Electronic Payment Systems

None of the electronic payment system, no matter how secure it is, can guarantee 100% protection from unauthorized access. Following the safety rules only you can keep your money safe. Huge numbers of cracks are the result of carelessness of the account owners themselves. There are some rules following which the users can protect themselves from fraud.

1. OS Windows offers a user a 'remember password' option. Although using some resources this option seems rather useful, it is strongly recommended not to use it for accessing accounts of electronic payment systems. Otherwise the computer offenders will have no difficulty to steal your registration data and empty your electronic purse.

2. All special files needed for use of the electronic payment systems shall be stored on floppy disks or coded discs the access to which is granted only when you start working with the keeper.

3. Never open e-mail messages sent from unknown users. Such messages may contain viruses and Trojans that enable the offenders to steal your account's login and password. Install e-mail software able to inactivate e-mails with the potential dangerous attachments. Check your incoming messages using special anti-virus software.

4. Never use links sent to you by unknown users. In the event you are on the unknown web-page, never fill in any fields and do not register. Never agree to download any software that is obtrusively offered to you. Many of such pages are created in order to install spy-software to your computer.

5. Your PC shall always have antivirus-software or Firewall installed. Such software may minimize the risk of the attack. Antivirus protects you from dangerous programs and Firewall enables you to fight back the hackers' attacks.

6. Do not pay attention to the letters signed by the technical maintenance services of the electronic payment system you use. As a rule, they are sent by the offenders thinking the account owners will believe the information about problems with the system functioning and will send their registration data, login and password to some fictional e-mail address. If you are not sure you are contacted by the technical maintenance service, you would better write a message to an official address to specify the details. You are more likely to get a response saying they have never sent anyone any messages with the request to disclose your password and suggesting that those were just regular computer offenders.

7. Do never download software designed to crack other users' electronic purses or to increase the amount of money on your accounts. There are no attachments able to do it and offenders send Trojans in messages like this. Instead of generating additional money on your account you are more likely to lose your savings. The creators of electronic payment systems are very serious in providing security of their clients' purses and it is impossible to break it using the small-size attachments written by an amateur programmer. But they may steal the login and password from a user who wants to gain some profits at someone else's account.

8. Change your logins at least once per week. So you deprive the offenders the possibility to dispose the money from your account.

Moreover, do not forget the obvious ways of keeping confidentiality of information. For example, you should not write the access password on a paper and then leave it somewhere it can be well noticed. The password shall not be simple or obvious, do not use your birth date, home telephone number or name. The best password is random letters and numbers. It is almost impossible to trace or guess it.

Following these rules you will avoid unpleasant situations and will keep your electronic savings safe from fraud assaults.

Investing in HYIP

How the profit is formed?

Many prospective participants of high yield income projects think about where the organizers take such big money that they can regularly pay very serious interests. Incomes, surely, do not come from nothing. In serious HYIP experiences managers, professionals developing and realizing many high income projects work over the effective investment schemes.

So the main sources of incomes in High Yield Income Programs are the following:

1. Investments in FOREX market.

2. Trading of stock of different companies on international stock exchanges.

3. Participation in different commercial sweepstakes.

4. Investing into high-yield business

5. Import and export of scarce goods.

That means, actually by accumulating money of the participants, the programs' leaders use them as their floating assets. Then by investing in high-yield projects and actively using the off-shore status they create the profit not subject to taxation. As the result there are sums enough to support the HYIP activity and to pay charges to the investors, as well as to further expansion of the program.

People distant from complex economic processes may think it is unreal that over a month the amount of the investment may double or even triple. An experienced investor always may predict which investment will bring profit and which will not. Having wide knowledge and serious experience he/she is able to easily make profit from price fluctuations to some goods.

Many investors have made huge fortunes on the currencies rate fluctuations. Trader who knows the specifics of currency market over just few hours may double the invested capital. For example, trader has 100$ and he/she is going to speculate for Euro fall and long for Dollar. Trader takes 9900$ no-interest credit and sales 10000. Then he/she buys Euro at the rate 0.9755 and in a few hours resells it at the rate 0.9845. Then he/she pays off 9900 to the broker and the pure profit of the investor is 90$. So the deposit increases 90% less than in 24 hours.

Surely, for an inexperienced investor an attempt to play for currency rates fluctuations may result in financial crash. Instead of prospected profit he/she will bear significant damage. Actually, the role of all high yield income programs is to create some initial fund of money from investors' contributions and then using various economic schemes to distribute it among profitable projects. Within HYIP there is no industrial processes, projects' managers do not just manage your capital but help you to multiply it. HYIP is an agent between a private investor who does not have possibilities and knowledge to effectively play on the market fluctuations and high yield economic formations.

Of course, besides for the currency rate play there are many other effective methods to invest money, for example, buying securities of organizations which work well in the developing countries. Such financial instruments are risky but the risk is compensated by their high profitability. Besides the HYIP leaders prefer to reinsure and place the part of the invested funds into securities of the highly reliable companies.

Good HYIP will never lie to its clients because high yield income programs are an ideal example of mutually beneficial cooperation. By effective management of the investors' capital the program organizers get enough income to pay interests to the investors and have profit on their own.

The rate of capital circulation, for example, on FOREX significantly increases the circulation rate during regular business activity. In 24 hours one can perform several high-yield transactions providing every-day or every-week payments.

However, you should not forget that the majority of projects' organizers prefer keep information about their income sources secret, fearing unfair competition. That is why often the high yield income programs are not absolutely transparent. However, it does not influence the regularity of payment and programs trustworthiness. High Yield Income Programs' leaders knowledge well the fact that the effectiveness of mutually beneficially cooperation are not likely to risk their investors' trust.


For a private investor almost all options for risk-free investing are closed. That means, if someone wants to invest money and soon get high incomes from the investment, he/she will risk anyway. You can, of course, deposit your money with a bank, but the private investor rarely has enough initial capital to make a fortune out of the bank interests. That is why the only way out is to invest your money into high yield risky projects.

You should always be careful about the programs connected with risk. First of all you should do your best not to engage into false project or financial pyramid. You have to carefully study all program features and only after that start investing. The situation gets more complicated because even the trustworthy projects fail sometimes. It happens, for example, when program leaders did not manage to promote their program right or played fair on the currency market risking all their funds.

There is a number of rules and peculiarities by studying which the private investor gets the possibility to minimize the risk. Let us consider them in more detail. The nature of the high yield income programs is such that almost all of them terminate their activity someday. Pyramids programs fail losing all clients' investments, serious HYIP paying off to their investors come to an end. Surely, all 'honest' projects are developed in a very accurate manner and designed for a maximally long functioning term. But often the closure is connected with the objective economic reasons that are very hard to eliminate.

A standard living cycle of high yield income projects comprises four stages: pay-back period, period of growth, period of saturation and descent period. Here they are in detail.

Pay-back period is the birth of the project. The creators of any HYIP invest some money into it. First of all, they are needed for creating a well-functioning and nice web-site, for content development, registration in paid rating systems and for advertisement. It all costs money and as the project does not bring any profit yet the period is always loss-making. One cannot assess the reliability of the project during this period; however, there may be some indirect signs that the project is a fraud. For example, when the web-site is hosted free of charge and all content is stolen from some other web-site, it is intended to collect money and close itself.

Growth period is the beginning of project's functioning. During this period the investors appear who try to attract additional clients with a view to get the referral payments. At some moment the project comes over the point of self-sufficiency and starts bringing the real profit. The project success at the stage depends on the scope of methods applied for attracting the clients. A direct sign that the organizers plan to further support the program are the various strategic actions such as extra money to the account of everyone who register in the project, for example. Period of saturation is the most stable period in HYIP functioning. During this time the investment flow has stable growth, the program brings maximal profit and clients receive their interests regularly.

Descent period is a determining stage for further program's life. It is characterized by the fact that the users lose their interest to the project, the flow of new investments fall and the program ends its development. All false projects terminate their activity few days after they enter the descent period, they don't pay to their clients and disappear with no trace. Creators of trustworthy programs undertake measures trying to bring their projects out of the stagnation.

Once you analyze the HYIP actions during the descent period, you can make a conclusion about the perspectives of investing into the project. If the program has passed the crisis situation, continues to work and bring profits to its investors, you can be sure in the project: it is a serious business undertaking aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation. You can learn that the project enters its descent period by analyzing its advertising dynamics. As soon as the users' interest starts decreasing, the project organizers develop a demonstrative agitation: they write letters to the program's participants, register in new catalogues, post messages on forums and guest books.

Of course, the investor shall do his/her best to find out the perspectives of the project before it reaches the crisis point. The successful end of the descent period may become a signal for those who wants to join the program at its new stage. What about those who plan to participate in the program from the very start? Those investors shall make a detailed analysis of the selected HYIP in the very beginning and invest their money only after they are sure of the program reliability.

HYIP: Evaluation

Before you invest money in the project you got interest in, surely you need to analyze every aspect of the program.

1. Amount of regular money payments.

2. Investment limits.

3. Specifics of the activity.

4. Trustworthiness to program organizers.

5. Your impressions from the web-site.

6. Domain check.

7. Contract information.

8. Materials and opinions on specialized forums

9. Position in rating sites.

10. Independent research.

Let us consider in detail every item.

First of all you need to evaluate the amounts of regular money payments, i.e. the interest from the investment capital to be paid by the administrator's projects. The main thing is not to get caught by promises. If the program promises you everyday doubling of the invested sum, be sure it is a fraud. The average amount of payments under serious HYIP makes up about 3-4% per day. There may be insignificant deviations. But 7-10% per day with almost no doubt indicates that the program is a ponzi scheme and the money will be paid to the investor at the expense of new members. As we have clarified earlier, such programs do not promise anything good to the private investors. Some projects offer variable every-day profit based on the program's incomes. As a rule, such HYIP are actually do business trying to effectively accumulate investor's money and are not eager to lie to their investors. The statistics shows that the most serious high-yield income projects guarantee monthly payments at the amount 10-50%. Besides, the numbers may vary depending on the specifics of the activity.

Another aspect is the investment limits. They are the limits for minimal and maximal amount of investments. It may seem the minimal bottom and no maximum for investing demonstrate the openness of the program and its desire to cooperate with the clients who have different financial abilities. However, as the practice shows the serious investment projects always determine the minimum and maximum for the investment. If there are no investment limits you should think whether it is a ponzi project; whether the organizers hope by attracting more and more investment pay interests only at their expense.

The statistics shows that the most serious high yield income programs establish the minimal limit of 25$ and strictly limit the maximum.

Almost every HYIP says about what form of economic activity will create the profit. Earlier we have given the list of the most popular sources for such investment programs and we are not going to repeat it. Let us note that if the web-site says that the program 'is connected with the FOREX trade and other forms of business' you should know that it is most likely to be Ponzi. The leaders of serious programs, surely, are not eager to open all details of their activity. There are many dishonest dealers in the world of on-line HYIP who are always ready to bite from somebody else's pie. However, there are general schemes for all serious programs. The Ponzi creators rarely develop complex schemes because they won't use them anyway. The fraudsters usually say few words that the profit is created by playing on currency exchange market. The serious projects' leaders try in detail to explain to the investor how the money will be used but not revealing any company names, amounts of investments and trader's names.

However, there have been cases in HYIP when Ponzi projects easily covered under the serious projects and their administrators revealed to the clients the reports about market fluctuations and information about the investments made. As the result those HYIP turned out false and their investors lost their money.

Another aspect is the trust in project organizers. You should carefully study messages the administrators leave on forums and analyze the messages. Pay attention to how much time the project organizers spent on the forum. If they say that they do business, they should lack free time. In case they are on-line on the forum from dawn till dusk you should consider whether they are fraudsters.

Your impressions from the web-site are one of the most important aspects allowing to evaluate the relations of the projects leaders to their program. Good engine, private domain and functional design, simple to use and effective feed-back means do not surely say about the honesty of the program administrators but at least indicate they are serious about the project and have invested money into it. In case the site is hosted free of charge and does not have good design, its content is stolen - it shows the administrators are not serious about the program and they did not spent any money themselves. You should think twice before investing your savings into such a project.

If the project has its own domain name, you should check it using a special 'whois' service ( Here you can get to know the registration details, contact information, name and last name of a person who has registered the domain. Surely, this method cannot guarantee anything because many domains are registered anonymously and the fraudsters easily may give false information. You should carefully study the information given by 'whois' service and to compare it with the information you have about the project's founders.

The more possibilities administrators of the project give to maintain the effective feedback the more trust to the project is given. The possibility to directly discuss the details and program specifics with the leaders at least proves the fact the administrators are interested in the cooperation. Besides, often the high yield income project's leaders try to stay anonymous. In the conditions of today's business it is rather reasonable and cannot be considered a direct sign of fraud.

Carefully study the specialized forums dedicated to the high yield income programs. As a rule, many experienced investors who have participated in many programs visit them. Especially it is important for the beginners how have just started their on-line investing. Thanks to the forums communication you can reveal serious weaknesses in the HYIP you got interested in, learn the opinion of the investors who already participate in the program. HYIP forums are rather good source of the newest and impartial information and you should not disregard it.

After analyzing information on the rating sites you may learn whether the program pays interests at that moment and how long the program exists. However, this information are less valuable than the information from forums because there are no guarantees the project that successfully pays interests today will pay them tomorrow. Finally there is a possibility to check the HYIP by independent organizations. However, today this way is actively used by new high yield projects with a view to get additional advertisement and possibility to distinguish themselves from other programs. In order to hold the inspection the project leaders shall give their real contact information (address and phone number) after that the independent organization analyze the information and make their conclusion. Often there were cases when HYIP leaders have given false addresses (for example, address of some supermarket or parking lot) and have received the approval of the independent organizations. It happens due to the fact that many organizations just check the fact there is address like this and do not check other aspects of the business activity. In other words none of the abovementioned aspects can guarantee the fact the project is false or reliable. Only by studying them all you can make adequate evaluation.

There is a formula that helps to determine the approximate lifetime of a project.

Project's lifetime= (SD + SH + KR) * (NO + NF + WD + GAR) * (NKI + SKW + SKR) *365 / ((KI / SV) * (KO + RT + 1) * (KS + STR)*100000)


SD - approximate cost of design;

SH - cost of hosting;

KR - advertisement expenses;

NKI - presence of contact information;

SKW - compliance of the indicated contact information with the information given by 'whois' service;

SKR - compliance of the indicated contact information with the real addresses and phone numbers;

NF - presence of forum, quality of its development;

KO - number of mistakes in web-site's content;

RT - deviations in text (if the content is stolen with different sites or written without giving any consideration, the text will have incompliance);

KI - dynamics of growth of investor's number during the first week of project's existence;

SV - sums of investments;

WD - information on business activity the program gets incomes from; subjective evaluation of data adequacy;

GAR - presence of guarantees;

KS - number of persons engaged in project's maintenance and support;

STR - place of project's accommodation;

NO - presence of office.

Every the abovementioned parameters has its own value and putting it into the formula we will get the approximate term of project's life. The formula has been used many times and has shown the accuracy of calculation in about 86% of cases. A mistake in the evaluation happens when the serious owners hide their contact information because of some reasons not related with the HYIP activity.

Making the First Investment

So you have done the research needed, made a provisional assessment of the project's reliability and are ready to invest your money. But before you invest your savings into a selected HYIP think whether you are ready to risk your capital. Will you regret the choice you made? Would it be better to spend the money on buying something good for your household? As we've mentioned before all high yield income programs are connected with a fair amount of risk and even once you've made a detailed analysis of the project you are interested in there are no guarantees that the program is reliable.

Remember the major rule in regard to HYIP: never invest all your money into one project. Develop your investment scheme for several reliable high-yield projects at the same time. Even the most serious project can unexpectedly close, not mentioning the multiple pyramids there are. Always keep an ace in the hole. Even if one of the projects gets closed you'll have three or four other programs the profit from which may compensate the lost financial means and even bring profit. By participating in several programs at the same time you actually insure yourself from losing money. It is very hard to imagine all programs analysis of which has shown the seriousness of the organizers' intentions will get closed. When making your investment consider the fact the program may fail and invest in such a way that if it fails you get your income anyway. Try to minimize the risk.

In the most thorough programs the interests are sent to your account opened in an electronic payment system every 24 hours. Besides, reliable projects, as a rule, try to make an automatic reinvestment that significantly increases your profit. It is very simple to count your provisional incomes. For example, you've invested some sum under 2% into an investment project for 365 days. That means, that not making any reinvestment you will have your money back in 55 days and since then you will earn profit. So when the term ends your income will be 720%. If you divide your capital into several parts and every part will be invested into different high yield income program, even in the event the half of the programs will fail or turn out to be fraud you will get profit anyway.

Remember to reinsure yourself in any case, even if you are 99% sure in the project. Even if you are promised the whole mountains of gold, even if all your friends and acquaintances recommend investing the maximum into the program - divide your capital into parts anyway and invest into different programs. Even the most honest HYIP when it does not overcome a crisis stage may fall down.

There is one more rule any beginning investor shall follow: never risk the money you are afraid to lose.

Continuing Your Investment Campaign

One more important rule for private investor says: do not invest the earned capitals into the same program. Every day for the project is a new step to its inevitable closure. As we have said before even the most reliable projects will sooner or later end their activity. When a resource of the high yield income programs exhausts, it gets closed. Constant expansion of the project is impossible. It is an axiom. That is why try to invest the earned money as effectively as possible.

As a rule, disregard of this rule is the reason for financial loses. Many private investors get 'greedy' and once they receive some incomes they invest it again and again. And they do it till the project spends all its capabilities. As the result the investor loses; it would be good if he manages to turn his initial investment back. Distributing the incomes among new programs is the most effective way to minimize the risk.

Study the new programs, hold their detailed analysis, select the most prospective and honest ones and then invest the parts of your gained profits into them. In case your initial program closes you will always have the investments in other programs and you will be able to turn the invested money back and gain profit. The investors' desire to follow the old path and receive the profit in one project can be understood but it does not correspond with the economic reality. The project that sooner or later will get closed inevitably comes to an end someday. You have to do everything possible that the termination of the program brings you minimum damage.

There is no sense to turn to HYIP to those private investors who wish to get rich at no risk. High yield incomes are always connected with high risk. High yield income programs participants cannot avoid the risk, it is impossible. They shall try at their best to minimize the risk. You can minimize it only by investing your capitals into different projects.

Invest into different projects and distribute the gained profits among new programs, even when you start working with this HYIP. There is no sense for the beginners to risk all their capitals. Many programs have a fixed entrance minimum limited up to 1$, 10$ or 100$. At first understand the functioning of the high yield income programs by playing 'small'. And only when you feel yourself comfortable in the HYIP world and learn how to invest and reinvest money right, you can start playing 'big'. Remember, nothing venture nothing have. However, do not forget that if you risk recklessly you can be left with nothing. Follow all private investor's rules and you'll succeed. A reasonable risk is the foundation for survival in the changeable and unpredictable High Yield Income Programs universe.

Golden Rules

There are several Golden Rules every participant of high yield income program shall follow. Disregard of these rules may lead to the fact that instead of the expected incomes the investor loses all his/her savings and turns out to be in debt. The Golden Rules are not just made up; they have been developed during years of participation in HYIP and are tested by the most effective method of trial and errors. Observing the Golden Rules you get a possibility to minimize the risks, maximize your profit and avoid fraud to the extent possible.

The first rule says: never waist more money than you can afford. Remember, there is sense to invest only extra money you usually spent on luxury items into high yield income projects only. Never risk the money you usually spent on first priority goods. It is very unwise to invest money into HYIP that are to pay your hosing bills. High Yield Income Projects are always risky and it is dangerous to risk the money you need to support yourself.

The second Golden Rule: don't be greedy. Do not allow the greediness to blind you. Even if you regularly get the program's earnings during several months it is not the reason to mortgage your house or take a credit under unbearable interest. No one can guarantee that the project well-functioning today will not be closed tomorrow. You may find yourself with nothing if you spent your money recklessly. Do not believe the huge interest. As a rule, they show that the project is false or is a kind of pyramid. Remember, 30-50% of monthly income is a rather adequate percentage. If you are promised to be paid more than 200% of your investment, you can be sure it is fraud.

The third Golden Rule: never deal with spam. Even if the program provides huge referral payments never try to attract additional users via spam. It can only damage you and your project.

The fourth Golden Rule: keep your password information secret. The most frequent mistake of an investor-beginner is the use of one and the same password for different HYIP. So you give the offenders a possibility to get access to confidential information. It is even worse, when you use the same password in high yield projects and electronic payment systems. The offenders always collect passwords being registered in the users' projects. After that they try to access electronic purses using them.

Creating your password think about making it hard to trace. Use the passwords containing several words containing symbols of different registers and numbers. Finally, the fifth Rule: always analyze in detail the project you are interested in. Only by studying all aspects of the project's activity, by checking all information and analyzing additional information you may create a provisional conclusion: whether it is a fraud or honest business. If you miss the analysis stage and recklessly invest your money in the first project you got interested in, in the event it gets suddenly closed you would blame only yourself.

Do not disregard any of these rules. Only by observing them you may effectively minimize the risks. The investment market does not tolerate the investors who act blindly, try to play not following the simplest rules.

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